MathHammer 40k

The easiest way to determine your chance of success during a game of Warhammer 40k!

There are three options to check your model's predicted success:

  • Shooting against Infantry and Monstrous Creatures
  • In melee against Infantry and Monstrous Creatures
  • Trying to penetrate armor.

MathHammer 40k is brand new! Let us know if you find any room for improvement on the support page.

Shooting vs. Infantry

Want to know how many shots it will take to wipe out that unit? Find out here!

Melee vs. Infantry

Shooting not your thing? Want to see how much damage you can do or take in melee? This is the tab for you!

Shooting vs. Armor

Who cares about soldiers? I need to take out some tanks and transports. Click and discover how to do it!

Android App

Need the answers to the above questions, but don’t want to carry your laptop around? No problem! Here is a link to an android app created by the same guy.

About MathHammer

This website was conceived by Matt Toner and designed and built by Will Pryor. The Android app was designed and built by Ian Naval.

No website can predict the roll of one die, but MathHammer 40k gives an approximation of what your success rate should be.

This website is meant to be a supplement to established copyrighted material owned by Games Workshop. It does not include any Model statistics so as not to duplicate that material.